The Afters - Thank God Im Not The One tab

Artist: The Afters
Song: Thank God I'm Not The One
Tabbed by: rww_1323

Tuning: Eb

Intro And Verse: D D G G|----2-------2--------3--------3-------------||----3-------1--------3--------3-------------||----2-------2--------0--------0-------------||----0-------0--------0--------0-------------||---------------------x--------2-------------||---------------------3--------3-------------|Ex. D D G G How could You walk, When You went down that dusty street...
Chorus G True as true can be Em7 That's what they say You are to me Bm When I'm so fake Asus Does Your heart ache D If I had been the one Asus G I would not have been that strong D If I had been the one, yeah Asus G I'd have been long gone
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