The Airborne Toxic Event – Something You Own tab

this song actually isn't out yet, but i saw a video of it on youtube and
loved the hell out of this song just like all of their songs. I would
love to go to one of their concerts!

Standard Tuning
capo 8
all chords are relative to capo

riff (NOT relative to capo)e|-11-8------11-8----8~-11-8------8------8-----------|B|------11-9~-----11---------11-9---11-9---11-9h11p9~|G|---------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------|
During riff (C Am G, same pattern used in song) Verse: C All these words that you say Just to forget about these Am Mind(?!) games that you play (HOLD) I am a gentleman and I C beg for every laugh everytime Am every bit everytime G and then youre feeling sublime I wanna warn the world about C changes changes well if i want to Am save me save me G the same i always been Chorus(?): F Am days doesn't turn into weeks G when we don't even speak C we just lay wide awake F and pretend we're asleep Am and you come home alone G and you're checkin my phone and you're looking at me (HOLD) like i'm something you own Repeat Verse x1 Repeat Chorus x1 Ending x2 (Cx2 Am G) There you go! Another epic song by The Airborne Toxic Event! Hope I tabbe it out right, there are any problems send me a message. E-mail: I <3 The Airbrone Toxic Event! Goodnight!
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