All I Ever Wanted tab with lyrics by The Airborne Toxic Event - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Airborne Toxic Event – All I Ever Wanted tab

If there is interest, I could go through and do a full tab of the song with all the
string and guitar parts, but this tab only has the few main lines.

Capo 5 on the album
Capo 2 for the Walt Disney concert

Intro riff

I find the above easier, but the band actually plays it like so:
Melody Riff 1
Verse Riff
Intro D Bm F#m x3 D Bm F#m I can only say these things to you while you're sleeping. D Bm F#m I hear the the hum from the wires, the sounds of the morning creeping. D Bm F#m I lie awake and pretend you can hear me. D Bm F#m x2 D Bm F#m You tell that you're scared, that you're turning into your mother, D Bm F#m I feel myself turn into my father. D Bm F#m We could lie to each other like they do and say we're still happy D Bm F#m It's easy when you're young and you still want it so badly. Bm A G And I feel my heart pounding Bm A G And I think I might scream D A I can tell you that you're all I ever wanted, dear Bm G I can utter every word you'd ever hope to hear D A Bm I shudder when I think that I might not be here forever, forever, forever. D Bm F#m x2 D Bm F#m At night you whisper like a ghost and you look so shaken D Bm F#m You're so quiet and small and you tell me you want to be taken. D Bm F#m I just never think of you as the kind of girl who would say that. D Bm F#m You suddenly seem like some faceless thing in my grasp. Bm A G With your eyes so wide, your face aglow Bm A G Its the face of someone I don't know. D A I can tell you that you're all I ever wanted, dear Bm G I can utter every word you'd ever hope to hear D A Bm I shudder when I think that I might not be here forever, forever, forever. D Bm F#m x7 Bm A G And all I could think is that it must be a kind of rebellion. Bm A G To arm your fears like soldiers and slay them. D A I can tell you that you're all I ever wanted, dear Bm G Through the din of your breathing while you're sleeping here. D A Bm You wake and ask me if I'm going to be here forever, forever, forever. D A Your face so twisted and your eyes alight Bm G I want to tell you I can change it when you cry at night D A Bm But I'd be lying. D A Bm Love is defying. End on D
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