The Airborne Toxic Event – All For A Woman chords

All For A Woman – The Airborne Toxic Event

CAPO: 4th fret 

All chords and frets relative to capo.

C:   032010
C/B: 022010
C/A: 002010
F:   xx3211  
G:   xx5433

Intro: C C/B C/A F G

CAll of these grateful looks
C/AAll these grateful eyes
F GAll the furious stares and the fretful sighs
C Promising everything
C/ATo everyone
FWe'll be back soon
GYou're my favorite one
CAnd I'll keep it quiet
C/AI'll hold you dear
F GYour whisperin fills the ear
CTell me you'll stay
C/AWe would have such fun
F GAnd a lie, you don't need anyone
F GAnd the screams, the wails, and the call
C C/B C/AThe headiness of the Fall
F GTen-thousand miles from where we began
C C/B C/AI fell asleep with a picture in hand
F G CIt was all for a woman
C C/AYou say that you're grateful for the time alone
F GTwo years away and I don't miss home
C C/A And everyone asks you if you still think of her
F GSo you smile politely and you demur
C C/ABut then all at once your head starts to swell
F GAnd you can feel her breath on your skin
C C/AIf I let you stay, the same spot today
F GShe's above you, below you in ways
FAnd you're shiverin cold
GLike you're just 10 years old
C C/B C/AAnd she's lying asleep in your bed
F And you're standing beside her
GThe light from inside her
C C/B C/AFilling up the darkness in your head
F G CIt was all for a woman
FAnd you've drowned in the teasing
GYou've forgotten the reason
C C/B C/AThe muse inspired the art
FYou'd give anything for
GHer to say them once more
C C/B C/AThe words you believed at the start
F GTen-thousand miles from where it began
C C/B C/AFalling asleep with a picture in hand
F GAnd it was all... it was all
C C/B C/AFor the look in her eyes
F G COf the promise of the light of a woman
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