The Airborne Toxic Event – Half Of Something Else chords

This is tabbed after the bass but i play it on guitar so 
I use bar chords and alternate between playing on just one string, and chords. Simple as it gets! 

(If you want to play after the bass its 
low E--12---5----9 in the same alternation as the chords)

Great band, great song! Don't forget to support the bands you love!

--Half of something else--  
E  E  A  E  C#  E

E EOn the night that we met
AYou said that you wanted
ESomething more from me
C# EAnd it was all that I could do
E EI remember your face, like a childs
AThe way that you blushed and
EThe way that you'd smile
C# EAnd that was all that I can do
C# EAnd I wake up feeling new
C# E You're so much more I never knew
E ESo I think of all the years spent alone
AIt's like you're searching for something
ETo make you feel whole
C# ELike a half of something else
C# ELike a half of something else
C# Ejust a fraction of yourself
Solo E E A E C# E
E EDont take it so hard, we did what we could
A There were no easy answers
ETo be understood
C# E And it was all that we could do
C# E We're the only ones who knew
C# E Now all I think about is you
EThe way that you screamed
E The way that you cried
AThe way that you'd wipe your eye's
EAnd fall against my side
C#The way that you told
ETold me I was wrong
EAnd the way that you'd sing
EWhen you'd hear a song
AAnd the way that you answered
EWhen you knew I was gone
C# Now I know that i'm blind
EAnd that you're all I see
AAnd now I know it's not clever
EBut I just want you with me
C# EI'm only half of something else
C# EI'm only half of something else
C# EI'm only half of something else
A E C# E C# E
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