The Airborne Toxic Event - Innocence chords

Innocence with live version lyrics… G G6 G13 C6 Em Am Ce|---3------------------------------------------------------|b|---3-------------------1---1------------------------------|g|---------------6-------2----------------------------------|d|-------6---6---6---2---2---2------------------------------|a|---2---6---6---3---2-------3------------------------------|e|---3---3---2----------------------------------------------|if you’re playing the live electric version no capo, if playing acoustic, Capo 4(chordsrelative to capo)intro
After intro but before the lyrics start I play G6 Em, listen to get the strum its pretty easy Pre song lyrics Mikel sings when playing live and on the youtube acoustic version…Lyrics taken from the chicago live performance on youtube. (I want to disappear, I just sleep all day, these spots on my face, blood stains on my wrists, the air grows cold, I shudder and I can sing, the carpet on my feet, the sweat stains on the sheets, cough syrup and drugs, bandages and gauss, the razor was dull the water cold against my skin, the radio long the static buzzing around my brain, and all these empty plans, these ink stains on my hands, everyone saves their best words for the grave, all these weary morning tones, I probably save mine too, and heavens just a long road home, tell me it’s true and I’ll go too ill go too ill go too)
G6 G13 G6Well, I lost my innocence today
G13 CI could feel her in my bones
CMy bones, my bones, my bones
G G13My blood, my blood, my blood, my blood
G G13 Gand I woke up, tired, scared and sad
G13 CSoaked, drained, I felt so bad
Today, today, today
G G13What you still, you still, you still, you still
CWon't you say, you say, you say, you say
G G13What you feel, you feel, you feel, you feel
Em AmWhich is nothing but hollow feelings, yeah
C G G13I can die, I just don't care
Verse starts out the same, but switches to a new strum pattern with chords G, Em at “Were not Gods” for a few lines before returning to usual rhythm listen to song to get pattern. And forget happiness, I'm fine I'll forget everything in time I swear I didn't know, You know me, how I can't let go and we're not gods, we're just hacks all that life amongst the cracks The scars, the siege that breaks The ugliest scene, the worst mistakes and everywhere I see her face Such a beautiful child, such an awful waste and there's no innocence like hers Just emptiness and nerves
D Emand this light from the window of my car
C GShe'll never see it, oh my god
D EmI was so surprised, it blew up in my face
C G D CLord, I lost my nerve, oh my go-o-od...
G D COh my god, oh my... god
This is the solo, I just play the G, Em
G G13 G G13 C6 G G13and I tear, I tear, so haa-aaa-aaa-ard...
and I tear, I tear, so haa-aaa-aaa-ard...
Em Amand I beg and scream, "I was wrong"
C G It's over, well, she's gone
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