The Airborne Toxic Event – Missy chords

This is my personal favorite song by my personal favorite band. I encourage you to buy 
their stuff.

Some other tabs have said capo on the 5th, I use it on the 4th. I'll leave it up to you 
which sounds better.

**********THIS IS A HUGE PART OF GETTING THIS TO SOUND RIGHT****************For lack of a better term, I'll refer to this as C7, but I know it's not. Simply play a C, but lift your first finger. Whatever the hell it is, play it like this:C7e|--0--|B|--0--|G|--0--|D|--2--|A|--3--|E|--0--|
Together the verse line will be: C C7 Am G That being said, here it is:
C C7 Am GMissy got off the bus one day
C C7 Am GIn a crowded depot in downtown L.A.
C C7 Am G FShe looked around as if to say "I'm home"
CBut I'm home.
C C7 Am GI find someone to love and some place to drink
C C7 Am GAnd some time when I can just sit and think
C C7 Am G FAnd I don't mind if I catch the stink of these drones
CLord of these drones
F GSaid as long as I'm never alone
C C7 Am GShe had eyes as big as porceline plates
C C7 Am GAnd skin as thin as paper drapes
C C7 Am G FAnd she loved the lord the way an apostate loves songs
C C7 Am GAnd she'd sing to him before she went to sleep
C C7 Am G"I pray to you my soul to keep
C C7 Am G FYour shepard and I'll be your sheep until dawn
COh until dawn"
F C G F CShe said "I'd follow you even if it was wrong"
C C7 Am GI met her one night at the coffee shop
C C7 Am GHer face so wide my heart just stopped
C C7 Am G FHello my dear I fear I'm not what I seem
CI'm not what I seem
C C7 Am GI should've been a better man
C C7 Am GI should be more deserving than
C C7 Am G FThe beggar, thief, and courtesan I've been
COh that I've been
F C G F CBut I swear, I lie, I curse all of my dreams
C C7 Am GBut I swear there's still some good in me
C C7 Am GIf you stuck around I think you'd see
C C7 Am G FAll the honest attempts at integrity I've been had
C C7 Am GMaybe if you helped me I could get it right
C C7 Am GI lie awake every night
C C7 Am G FStaring at the cieling wondering why I feel so bad
CWhy I feel so bad
F C G F CBut I swear, I swear, I swear I'll never get sad
End on C That's about it. If it doesn't sound right, you're probably playing a real C7 instead of lifting your first finger. Hope this helped.
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