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The Allman Brothers Band – No Way Out tab

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Song:               No Way Out
Artist:             The Allman Brothers
Song Writer:        Elmore James
Album:              Eat A Peach
Transcriber:        Bill Evans (jimihendrixisgod22);
Transcribed On:     Windows 98 Notepad

h- Hammer Onp- Pull Off/- Slide Up\- Slide Down~- Vibratob- Bend Note To Value Shown Above Note (Ex: 1/4, 1/2, Full, etc....)------------------------------------------------------------------------
I couldn't find this one anywhere on the internet, except for a chord file. I found it hard to believe a great groove riff like this hasn't been tabbed out. Anyway this is the riff that Dickey Betts plays for the entire song, Duane Allman doubles the riff on slide but it is a bit different since it's played on slide and I don't know how to play it, the also eventually the two guitarists break into a solo duel and I don't know how to do that either, but this riff will get you jamming and it leaves room for improvisation and solos and such. I didn't bother posting the lyrics. But there is a chord file in that has the chords along with the lyrics below them. Also the tabs below don't represent time at all, listen to the song to get the correct rhythm. Anyway it took me about 10 minutes so here she is........... This riff is in standard blues in A, which means it follows the traditional 12 bar, I IV V form.
A Riff X 4 1/4|---------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------||---7-7p5---7---55-77----7-7p5---7---55-------------------||---------7---7----------------7---7----77 (or 7b)--------||-5--------------------5----------------------------------|
D Riff X 2
A Riff X 2 E-D Riff X 1
A Riff X2 The song repeats itself over and over until eventually the end. Get this riff down so you know it like the back of your hand then you can play with a drummer or get another guitar player to do slide and once you have the riff down you can do little variations on it, like Dickey Betts does, and do some soloing and such. Have Fun!!! Please send all questions, comments, problems with the tabs, or anything else to me at;
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