The Almost – Monster chords

 The Almost
 Song: Monster
 Standered Tunning (E,A,D,G,B,E)

 Alright guys, this is a first tab for me. I watched Aaron play it live on a video 
on youtube about four days before the CD was released.

 Chords Used:
        F           G         Am           Em
     e--1--      e--3--      e--0--      e--0--              
     B--1--      B--3--      B--1--      B--0--
     G--2--      G--4--      G--2--      G--1--
     D--3--      D--5--      D--2--      D--2--
     A--3--      A--5--      A--0--      A--2--
     E--1--      E--3--      E--x--      E--x--

        The strumming pattern is not difficult, you can figure it out.

               (Slide the chord down to the F)
G F e--3-- e--1--
B--3-- B--1-- G--4-- G--2-- D--5-- D--3-- A--5-- A--3-- E--3-- E--1-- Repeat this about two times (you hold the F longer then the G) Verse 1:
Am F G In this strange tangle of love, I'm learning how to see
Am F G Am In this werid change of space, I'm learning to believe in his life
F G I'm living, I feel you helping me
(verse two is the same thing) Chours:
Am Em G If I were a monster, Would you wince when you looked at me?
Am Em G If I were a freak, would you stare?
Am Em G If I were a leper, Would you say unclean?
Am Em (pause) G(?) If I was lost, would you help me get free?
Am Em G Yeahhh, Yeahhhhhh x2
(Chorus two is the same thing) Bridge:
G Am F This is real, This is now, I don't wanna goooo
G Am F I hold on, You let go will I ever know?
Instermental: The instermental you play the same chords as the chorus.
(Am, Em, G) you hold the G a bit longer then the Am and Em though
Am Em G Are you ready to live your life? Are you healed enough?
Am Em G Can you stop? Can you stop? And enjoy the ride?
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