The Almost - Hand Grenade chords

So the chords from the others are correct. Thought I should post the version that 
I learned. This is a very awesome song.

Standard tuning

Capo 5th fret

Intro & Verse: F C F C E----0-----0-0-0------0-----0-0-0--------0----0-0-0-------00-------00----|B----1-----1-1-1------1-----1-1-1--------1----1-1-1-------11-------11----|G----0h2---2-2-2------0-----0-0-0--------0h2--2-2-2-------00-------00----|D----3-----3-3-3------0h2---2-2-2--------3----3-3-3-------22-------00----|A-3----------------3-------------------3---------------3--------2--------|E------------------------------------------------------------------------|
F C Am (strum)E----0----0-0-0-------00--------00-----0--|B----1----1-1-1-------11--------11-----1--|G----0h2--2-2-2-------00--------00-----2--|D----3----3-3-3-------22--------00-----2--|A-3---------------3--------2-----------0--|E-----------------------------------------|
(Repeat through verse) Verse 1:
F COh, to be young
F CIt sounds like so much fun
FOh, the long wait
C AmFor things to happen
F CExpectancy
F CAnd you, just waiting on me
F C Am GI wanna know what's in your plan...
AmIf you're an ocean then
FI wanna jump right in
CIf you're a hand grenade then
GI'll pull the pin
AmI'll wait right here all night
FFor you to let me in
CAnd I'll run, run, run, run
GRun right back to you I'll run
Verse 2 (Same as Verse 1) Bridge
Em AmOh if you could see in me
F You might be kinda scared
Em Am Oh if I could just believe
F GYou'll take me anywhere
Chorus Outro same as Verse
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