The Almost - No I Dont chords

The Almost - No I Donít
Tuning: Standard

I play this on acoustic, and I think the following chords sound a lot better than 
regular barre chords.  They're pretty much a barre chord without the barre to make 
it sound fuller on acoustic.

A: 577600
B: 799800

E F#mI'm looking for some stable ground
ASome kinda place to lay it down
EAnd settle for a while
E F#mI'm sick of looking for a star
AI won't show anyone my scars
ECan you help me out?
B AI wanna see a change in me
Inst: E
E F#mWhen it's time for another round
AI get in then I bow out
EI'm kinda freaky that way
E F#mI used to stand as tall as I could
AI used to be better than good
EI guess I've made my bed
B AI wanna see a change in me
E C#m B ANo, I don't listen when they tell me
E C#m BThey think I won't
E BCome back around
A BFind my way out
F#m A BIt's none of their business
EIt's none of their business
Inst: E
E F#mI've got another song in me
ABecause of you, I'm changing
EI'm learning how to wait
E F#mUgly as I could've been
ADown and out and all broken
EYou never made me wait
B AYou saw me. You didn't see my shame
E B AI'm free because you said so
F#m BAnd I'm learning to grow
ABecause you held my hand
E B AI'm free because you said
F#m A BGo, keep walking
EItís none of their business
C#mItís none of their business
A EItís none of their business
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