The Almost – Amazing Because It Is chords ver. 3

Left handed
So this took me like 2 minutes and i rushed through it so if theres anything wrong ya
and i say Db because i dont know what the acctually chord is but i think its Db its the
thats the B shape 2 frets just play that when u see Db im not good w/ my chords 
know how to play them i just dont what there called.

 B  Db
 B  Db

B Db B Db I was so scared of everything you put in front of me
B Db B I've been marching to every part of me
Db B Db Just to see
B See
Db B Db Why you need me to be
B Db The boy you need me to be
EAmazing Grace
BHow sweet the sound
Db AThat saves a wretch like me
EI once was lost
BBut now Im found
Db AWas blind but now i see
Db B DB I just wanna see
Verse 2
B Db B Db Im the type of person that lets fear drive
B Db B Im the type of guy thats in drive
Db B Cause im addicted I mean it
Db B Db Im lost without you
B Db BI need you I need you
Chorus x3
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