The Almost – Dirty And Left Out chords ver. 2

                             Dirty and Left Out - The Almost
Tabbed by: doomnote

Tuning: Standard EADGBE

As most tabs go, the ones already up are close but missing the important parts of the 
not to mention the lyrics are wrong. Here are the correct ones:

Chords Used:

C2     -  x32033
Bm7 - x20230Em7 - 022033
D4 - x00233 Intro: C2 Bm7 Em7 x 2 Verse:
C2 Bm7 Em7 Hello , I swear wont be to long
C2 Bm7 Em7 Hello, I promise I’ll be real strong
C2 Bm7 Em7 Wait up I just wanna tell you
C2 Bm7 D4 Hold up, why are you still here?
G Em7 D4 C2 I've been dirtier than you wanna know
G Em7 D4 C2 I've left earlier than you'll ever know
Verse 2:
C2 Bm7 Em7 Why do you wanna be all listening to me?
C2 Bm7 Em7 Why do you spread your arms and tell me I'm free?
C2 Bm7 Em7 Why do you wanna be in my life?
C2 Bm7 D4 in my life
Chorus Interlude (Play through entire Verse progression) Bridge:
C2 Bm7 Em7Jesus, Jesus,
C2 Bm7 Em7There’s something about your name
C2 Bm7 Em7Master, Savior,
C2 Bm7 D4Je - e - sus
Chorus Ending:
C2 Bm7 Em7Jesus, Jesus
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