The Alternate Routes - The Future Is Nothing New tab

The Future is Nothing New
Alternate Routes
Tabbed by Matt Thompson

MAIN RIFFE--------------7--------------8-5h7p5-5---------5-------7-5-3-5-3--|B--------8-------8----------------------5-----5--------------------|G-----9-----9------9-------5--------------5h7--------5-------------|D--9-----------------9--7-------------------------7----------------|A------------------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------------|
2nd RIFFE------------------------8-5h7p5-5------------8-5h7p5-5------------------|B--8--8--8-------5--5--------------5--5--5--------------5--------7-------|G--9--9--9-------5--5-----------------5--5-----------------8--------8-9--|D--9--9--9----9--7--7--7--------------7--7--7-----------------9----------|A------------------------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Em Am B 0 --- 0 --- 0 ---| 0 --- -1- 0 ---| 0 --- -2- -4-| -2- -2- -4-| -2- 0 --- -2-| 0 --- X --- X ---|
Em Well she don't have her momma's hips yet Am So she stole her momma's lipstick Am And she knew that I was coming B Em And I think that I know why Em She goes by Fiona Am She seeks bad luck in omens Am When she's free and when she's lonely B Em She comes beatin' at my door, singing: Em Am I've seen the future and the future's nothing new Am B Em Just another day to miss the things we used to do Em Am So just lay me down somewhere like you do Am B Em I've seen the future and the future's nothing new
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