The American Analog Set – Magnificent Seventies tab

			    MAGNIFICENT SEVENTIES - American Analog Set
Tabbed by:Keith

Tuning: Standard

::Intro -/=slide D Em D E ------3-----3----3--2--2-----2--------------------------------| B --------5-----5-----3----3-----3------------------------------| G --2/4-----4-----4----------2-----2---2/4*---------------------| D --------------------------------------------------------------| A --------------------------------------------------------------| E --------------------------------------------------------------|
* repeat - this is Em to D- slide on the 3rd string into the Em every time. - I find it easiest to start with the shape for the Em (index, middle, ring fingers on frets 3, 4, 5) and just keep that orientation to form the D chord (index & middle on frets 2, ring on fret 3). Not a standard D fingering, but it'll make it easier to do the slide with the middle finger back to Em. The verse does the same Em to D progression, just picking the notes a little differently. There's a short bridge in between that I haven't worked out. ::Riffs - last half of the song - one ends low, the other high - you can clearly tell the difference by ear:
LOW: E -0------------------------------------------------------------| B ---3-0--------------------------------------------------------| G --------0-2-2-0h2-2-------------------------------------------| D --------------------2----2/4-4-4-2-0--------------------------| A --------------------------------------------------------------| E --------------------------------------------------------------|
HIGH: E -0------------------------------------------------------------| B ---3-0----------3-0------------3------------------------------| G --------0-2-2-0------0h2-2-2-0--------------------------------| D --------------------------------------------------------------| A --------------------------------------------------------------| E --------------------------------------------------------------|
:: Then the keyboards pick up the riff, and the guitar chimes in for the last 2 notes of each line...I *think* its: E -2--0---| B -3--0---| G --------|
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