The Antlers - Kettering chords

			     KETTERING - The Antlers
Tabbed by: Kyle R.K.

Tuning: Standard

Brilliant song, brilliant band.

Chords used:
I'm not sure what the ones with the *'s should be called, so I'll tab them.

Am: Am*: C: Em: Em*:-0- -0- -0- -0- -0--1- -1- -1- -0- -0--2- -2- -0- -0- -0--2- -0- -2- -2- -0--0- -2- -3- -2- -2--x- -x- -x- -0- -0-
I play this on guitar with the rhythm of the piano.
Am Am* CWell I wish that I had known in that first minute we met
Em Em* AmThe unpayable debt that I'd owe to you...
And so on and so forth. When the guitar comes in later, its playing the same chords.
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