The Antlers – Stairs To The Attic chords ver. 2

Stairs to the Attic
Chords by Hrad

Quick map:
Intro - G, C
Verse - G, C, Am, C
Chorus - Em, G, C, G, D
         Em, G, C, Em, A, C
Outro - G, Em, C, G, A, Am


C, G (Note: these are played in quick sets of three, with the first two being one chord
and the third being a switch to the next one. So it goes "GGC, CCG, GGC, CCG" etc.) Verse:
G I decided on that evening
CThat I was through with sitting still
AmI stood up and started moving
CWith a childlike fascination
GFor those doors that don't have locks
CAnd the stairways that were blocked
AmSo I dug through the obstruction
CPut my fist around the railing
GAnd each step was far apart
CAnd far away from steps before it
AmAnd the air was getting thinner
CUntil I couldn't breathe at all
GAnd if I happened to look behind me
CThere were miles and miles of stairs
AmEnough so I couldn't see the doorway
CBut I knew that it was there
GAnd on the last step I was dizzy
CBecause there were stairs in all directions
AmBut I found another door
CAnd through the door there was the attic
GWithout old clothes
Without a ceiling
CEverything had opened wide
AmInto the jaws of something bigger
CAnd suddenly I saw that I was
Em G C G DUpstairs and outside and freezing on the roof
Em GFinally it had found me
C Em A CThe answer, the feeling, and the truth:
GThat I'm small
EmThat I'm small
C GThat I'm small
A AmI'm smaller than the smallest fireball
G, Em, C, G, A, Am to end
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