The Antlers - I Dont Want Love chords version 1

These are the chords for "I Don't Want Love", the first track on the new Antlers 
album Burst Apart (2011). If this is the first time you heard about The Antlers be 
sure to check out previous work too.

C*E 0 -thin snare-
B 1 G 2 D 3 A 0 E 0 Intro F C F C C* Am F C F C F C C* Am F C Verse
F C C* GYou wanna climb up the stairs, I wanna push you back down.
F C C* GBut I let you inside, so you can push me around.
F C C* GIf I leave before you, and I walk out alone,
F C C* Gkeep your hands to yourself, When you follow me home
Chorus I don't want love F C F C C* Am
F Cx2
F C C* GWe wake up with pounding heads, Bruised down below.
F C C* GI should have built better walls, Or slept in my clothes.
F C C* GSo if I see you again, Desperate and stoned,
F C C* GKeep your prison locked up, And I will leave my gun at home.
Chorus F C F C C* Am
F CI don't want love x2
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