The Antlers – I Dont Want Love chords ver. 2

F C F C Dm Am F C x2
Verse 1
F C Am GYou wanna climb up the stairs, I wanna push you back down
F C Am GBut I left you inside, So you can push me around
F C Am G If I leave before you, Then I walk out alone
F C Am GKeep your hands on your side, When you follow me home
Chorus x 2
F C F C Dm Am F CI don't want love
Verse 2
F CWake up without?
Am GYou stumble home
F CI should of known they were wall
Am GWe slept in our cars?
F CSo if I see you again
Am GDesperate and stoned
F CKeep your prison locked up
Am GAnd I will leave my gun at home
Chorus / Outro
F C F C Dm Am F CI don't want love
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