The Asteroid No 4 - Tinkerbell Meets Reality chords

Tinkerbell Meets Reality Chords
The Asteroid #4
(2007) B-Sides & Singles 1997 - 2007
Band Website:
Label: thecommitteetokeepmusicevil


C        G#        G

Verse 1

C G# GI'm turning 40 years old,
C G# GI love my 2 kids my wife and dog
C G# G10 hours of work makes up my day
C G# GIt pays the bills what can I Say?
Chorus 1
F GI've thrown my arms up to reach the world
F GI shoot for the top but never breathe out
F GI want to be In front of the line
Verse 2
C G# GI have just turned 21
C G# GI have just bought my very first gun
C G# GI lost my dad in Vietnam
C G# GWhat's good for him is better for me
Chorus 2
F GI've thrown my arms up to reach the world
F GI'm hoping to meet that special girl
F GAnd find my way in front of the line
Outro: Repeat until end: C G# G Pretty simple chords, comment if I made any mistakes
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