The Audition - My Temperature Is Rising chords

"My Temperature Is Rising"
- The Audition

Am C GI feel my temperature rising for you
Am C GFrom ninety-eight to a thousand and two
F CI feel my temperature, no need for doctors
Am G F I know you got what it takes, love, to keep the pressure up
Am C GNo need to slow or stop, go
Am CI can show you colors that never existed
Am GShow you I've got substance, whoa
F CI'll give you everything you need, my love
GI'll show you all you need to know
F C GI've never felt this way about someone, Whoa, oh, oh
Am C GI feel my temperature rising, do you?
Am C GThere's just no way to describe it, it's true
F C Am G I need your medical attention, fix me up and turn me on love
F C Am G Go grab a scalpel, c-cut me open, go
PRECHORUS CHORUS [x2] PRECHORUS I feel my temperature rising CHORUS And I hope you know CHORUS
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