The Avett Brothers – Famous Flower Of Manhattan tab

Famous Flower of Manhattan ย– Capo on 2nd fret

Intro/Bridge|--------------------------------------------------||-0-3----------------------------------------------||-------2-4-2-0-0--2-4-2-0-2-4-2-0-2-4-2-0-2-4-0---||-(0)----------------------------------------------||-(x)----------------------------------------------||-(3)----------------------------------------------|play between the G note and D open note while playing intro.
|-3-----3---------3----------------------------||-3-----0-----3----------------3---------------||-0-or--0----------x2 then----------5--4-------||-2-----2--------------------------------------||-3-----3----3--3-----------3----3---3---------||----------------------------------------------|play to which Cmaj7 or C9 chord you prefer
For the G and Cmaj7 during the verses, just fingerpick between mostly E, D, G, and B string with occasionally high E. The chords are the same for every verse. G And I found a flower in a field G A field of cars and people; rows of concrete, paint, and steel Cmaj7 Manhattan is where it grew G And I thought to cut it from it's stem G And take it from the cracks between bricks that it lay in Cmaj7 G And save it from city strife Away from the city life Then someone they whispered in my ear A county girl can't be made out of anybody here Don't touch it, it loves you not Donย’t touch it, it loves you not Cause blue birds don't fly without their wings And when we put them in a cage the world can't hear them sing So selfish when greed sets in Possession, the king of sin And people don't ever let you down Forever find a way to kill whatever life they've found A heart beat and I want it too Manhattan is where she grew So I left and I let the flower be And yesterday saw the flower on cable TV Much prettier than here with me For all of the world to see Much prettier than here with me
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