I And Love And You chords with lyrics by The Avett Brothers - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Avett Brothers – I And Love And You chords

This song is written for piano not guitar, so these chords are all approximate.

Tune every string down a whole step (D B C F A D).

    Chord Pattern I:

Load the car and write the notee|-0-----------------0--------0---|B|-0-----------------2--------0---|G|-9-----------------2--------1---|D|-9-----------------2--------2---|A|-7-----------------0--------2---|E|-0-----------------x--------0---|
repeat Chord Pattern I through first three lines of every verse:
Grab your bag and grab your coate|-0-----------------0--------0---|B|-0-----------------2--------0---|G|-9-----------------2--------1---|D|-9-----------------2--------2---|A|-7-----------------0--------2---|E|-0-----------------x--------0---|
Tell the ones that need to knowe|-0-----------------0--------0---|B|-0-----------------2--------0---|G|-9-----------------2--------1---|D|-9-----------------2--------2---|A|-7-----------------0--------2---|E|-0-----------------x--------0---|
Chord Pattern II:
We are headed northe|-4------2------0------|B|-5------4------2------|G|-6------4------2------|D|-6------4------2------|A|-4------2------0------|E|-x------x------x------|
The whole song goes this way, with the small exception that no matter where it appears in the verse, "I and Love and You" is always accompanied by Chord Pattern II. You can alternate using the high E chord (079900) and the standard E (022100) to start off Chord Pattern I. I like using only standard E (022100) in the "Brooklyn" verses. Thank you to all who post Enjoy
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