Bella Donna tab ver. 2 with lyrics by The Avett Brothers - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Avett Brothers – Bella Donna tab ver. 2

Bella Donna by The Avett Brothers

This version is a simplified one that can be played on one guitar. Strum/pick the 
initial chord for a few bars and then play the melody.

Capo 3

Repeat. G C Baby, I asked you not to keep me waiting G I told you not to keep me waiting C Now the afternoon is fading on G C Donna, Bella Donna have you seen me G And have you ever really seen me C Like I want for you to see me now G C Lonesome, like you were when you were sixteen G When maybe even if I weren't listening C Did I help when I was kissing you G C Donna, Bella Donna are you listening G And were you ever really listening C Like I want for you to listen now
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