The Avett Brothers – Kind Of In Love tab

e--7-10-7---------7-----|B---------10-8-10---8---|bG-----------------------| x2D-----------------------|A-----------------------|E-----------------------|
(G)She's sweet as the (F)summertime (G)strong as the (F)sunshine (G)and I don’t want to (F)know her (C)I let myself down –same for all verses– I'm cold as a winter's storm soft as a grind stone and I can't do a thing to flag my life down chorus: (Bm)Why (C)do you (G)amaze me? (Bm)Why (C)do you (G)amaze me? (Bm)Why (C)do you (G)fool me into (Am)thinking that I'm (C)kind of in (Cm)love (D7)with (G)you?(F)(G)(F)… Big brown eyes and curly hair I wonder if she sees me stare I can’t say why I’ve fallen Babe, please have mercy Chorus Ya sleep like a ball and chain if I knew more than your first name those eyes you got can’t fool me I know how this goes We wrap ourselves in conversation You tell lies and try my patience Bite my tongue in frustration Or you slap my face on the last line of the last chorus: …fool me into (Am)thinking that I'm (C)kind of in (Cm)love (D7)with (C)yoooooouuuuuuououo(G)
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