The Avett Brothers - One Line Wonder tab version 2

Great song and a beautiful band of brothers.  ENJOY.

Intro X 2 STANDARD TUNING G C B7 C G C B7 Ce-0--------------------------------0---------------------------------|B---3----0---------0-3-0-------------3---0---------0-3-0-------------|G------2---2-0-0h2-------0-2-----0-----2---2-0-0h2-------0-2---------|D----------------------------0h2-------------------------------------|A------3-------2---------3-------------3-------2---------3-----------|E-3--------------------------------3---------------------------------|
G B7 Em C Ce-------------------------------------------0------------------------|B---------0---0-------0---0-----------------1------------------------|G-------0---2---2-0-----2---2-0-----0-------0------------------------|D-0h2-4---0---------2-2---------0h2-------0-2------------------------|A-----------2-----------3-------------0h2---3------------------------|E-------3-----------0------------------------------------------------|
G Em B7 C I love you but I can't remember why, G Em B7 C Stars falling from a half forgotten sky, G B7 Em C I was a one line wonder in my own love song. REPEAT INTRO TAB X 1 G Em B7 C I keep a little journal by my bed, G Em B7 C Dreams help me find the words I haven't said, G B7 Em C Like when a little girly said goodbye to me, D C G D C G From behind a screen door, I won't see her again I'm sure. G C G G C G Well didn't I say I need you, I try to move on but I can't G C G G G Try to think of bad times, good memories are all I have REPEAT INTRO X 1 G Em B7 C I love you but I can't remeber why, G Em B7 C I'd love to find a reason to deny, G B7 Em C I was a one hit wonder in my own hometown, G Em B7 C I guess I might have made a few mistakes, G Em B7 C But maybe that's exactly what it takes, G B7 Em C To get a little happy in this big sad world. D C G D C G B7 C D How many have you made, and which of those have you laid on down to die? G C G G C G Well didn't I say I need you, I try to move on but I can't G C G G G C I try to think of bad times, good memories are all I have HERE COMES THE WALKING BASS SOLO AND THE ENDING WITH THE GUITAR AND BANJO. THIS TAB IS FOR ONLY THE GUITAR PART. THE BASIC CHORDS HERE ARE: Am, D, G, C
The ending guitar lick is basically like this over and over, there are a few changes though. Remember the chords to play over it are Am, D, G, C Hopefully that's a rough sketch for you all. Enjoy and thanks a buch.
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