The Avett Brothers – Pretty Girl From Feltre Acoustic chords

Capo on 2nd Fret
Chords: G C D Em Am7The video on YouTube:
The rhythm of the video really helps--this is the acoustic version with the acoustic beat but the chords work for the recorded song as well.
G C G C G C G DSusanna, Italiana, what do you want to do?
G C G C G C G DI thought I had figured it out but that was before you
Em C GWalking a mile into town
Em D GHoping to see you around
Em C D GHoping your man is nowhere to be found
Em C GAnd hoping we'll go to your room
And hoping we'll go to your room
G C G C G C G DQuietly act like you love me until I leave Feltre
G C G C GAnd when you learn of my return
C G DWatch what the townspeople say
Em C GRiding in your cargo van
Em D GDriving your mom's cargo van
Em C D GIf you only knew how charming it was
Em C GThe lure of your folks cargo van
The lure of your folks cargo van
G C GGo tell Max
C GBe clear with the facts
C G DLeave me a letter to there
G C G C GI still have the one from before
C G DFrom when I turned twenty four
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