The Avett Brothers – The Gleam tab

This is a collection of various tabs by the Avett Brothers from their EP 'The
 Gleam'. All credit will be given to each individual who contributed towards 
the album's tab/chords.

Artist: The Avett Brothers
Album: The Gleam EP
1. Sanguine             (Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 3)
2. When I Drink         (Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 2)
3. Yard Sale            (Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 1)
4. Backwards With Time  (Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 1)
5. If It's The Beaches  (Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 5)
6. Find My Love         (Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 1)


1. Sanguine
   Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 3
Tabbed By: Jifigz

intro Am G Am G Am G Am Ge----------3---------------3---------------3---------------3-------3----|B-1/3--0----------1/3--0----------1/3--0----------1/3--0----------------|G-2/4--0-------0--2/4--0-------0--2/4--0-------0--2/4--0-------0--------|D--------0---------------0---------------0---------------0-------0------|A-0---------------0---------------0---------------0---------------------|E------3-----3---------3-----3---------3-----3---------3-----3----------|
Verse Em D C G C9e-3--2--0----------3--------------------0-------0-----------------------|B----3--1------0----------------3---------------------------------------|G--------------0-------0----0-------0-------0-------0-------------------|D-2--0-----------0-------0----2-------2-------2-------2-----------------|A-------3-------------------3-----3-------3-------3---------------------|E--------------3-----3--------------------------------------------------|Make me san....guine
Em D C G C9e-3--2--0----------3--------------------0-------0-----------------------|B----3--1------0----------------3---------------------------------------|G--------------0-------0----0-------0-------0-------0-------------------|D-2--0-----------0-------0----2-------2-------2-------2-----------------|A-------3-------------------3-----3-------3-------3---------------------|E--------------3-----3--------------------------------------------------|Help me gen.....uinely....
Am C Am Ge-----0---0------------0----------------------------3-------------------|B----------------1------------------0------1/3--0-----------------------|G-2-----------2----0-------0---0--------0--2/4--0-------0---------------|D---2-------2--------2-------2------0-------------0-------0-------------|A-0-----0--------3-------3-----------------0----------------------------|E---------------------------------3---3---------3-----3-----------------| Kill the doubt that strangles my self worth
Am C Am Ge-----0---0------------0----------------------------3-------------------|B----------------1------------------0------1/3--0-----------------------|G-2-----------2----0-------0---0--------0--2/4--0-------0---------------|D---2-------2--------2-------2------0-------------0-------0-------------|A-0-----0--------3-------3-----------------0----------------------------|E---------------------------------3---3---------3-----3-----------------| To paint the picture that I swore I heard
Below we will shortly have two guitars tabbed.Guitar 1 (fingerpicked) Em D C Ge-3-----3--2-----2--0-----3-------0--------------------3----------------|B-----0--------3--------1-------1------0------1/3--0--------------------|G---0--------2--------0-------0------------0--2/4--0-------0------------|D-2--------0----------------2----------0-------------0-------0----------|A-------------------3-------------------------0-------------------------|E------------------------------------3---3---------3-----3--------------|
Guitar 2 (flatpicked and over the above tab)e-3-----3-2-----2-0-----3-0---0--3-5/7--10-8-7--------------------------|B---0-------3-------1---1---1----3------12------------------------------|G-----0-------2-------0-0--------0------0-------------------------------|D--------------------------------2------0-------------------------------|A--------------------------------3--------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Guitar 1 (fingerpicked; they could be lightly strummed as well) Am C Ge-------0-------0--------0-------0--------------------3-------3-------3-|B---1----------------1----------------0------1/3--0---------------------|G-2---------2------0---------0------------0--2/4--0-------0-------0-----|D-----2-------2--------2-------2------0-------------0-------0-------0---|A-0-------0--------3-------3-----------------0--------------------------|E-----------------------------------3---3---------3-----3-------3-------|
Guitar 2 (flatpicked)e-----------------------------------------------------------------------|B-8/10~~~~---------5/8~~~~-----------11b--------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------------------------------------|D-----------------------------------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Em D C G C9e-3--2--0----------3------------3-------0-------0-----------------------|B----3--1------0--------------------------------------------------------|G--------------0-------0----0-------0-------0-------0-------------------|D-2--0-----------0-------0----2-------2-------2-------2-----------------|A-------3-------------------3-----3-------3-------3---------------------|E--------------3-----3--------------------------------------------------| Spiritless and mean...
Em D C G C9e-3--2--0----------3--------------------3-------3-----------------------|B----3--1------0----------------3---------------------------------------|G--------------0-------0----0-------0-------0-------0-------------------|D-2--0-----------0-------0----2-------2-------2-------2-----------------|A-------3-------------------3-----3-------3-------3---------------------|E--------------3-----3--------------------------------------------------|The ghost that comes between me
Am C Am Ge-----0---0------------0----------------------------3-------------------|B----------------1------------------0------1/3--0-----------------------|G-2-----------2----0-------0---0--------0--2/4--0-------0---------------|D---2-------2--------2-------2------0-------------0-------0-------------|A-0-----0--------3-------3-----------------0----------------------------|E---------------------------------3---3---------3-----3-----------------| I will keep my wits about myself.
Am C Am Ge-----0---0------------0----------------------------3-------------------|B----------------1------------------0------1/3--0-----------------------|G-2-----------2----0-------0---0--------0--2/4--0-------0---------------|D---2-------2--------2-------2------0-------------0-------0-------------|A-0-----0--------3-------3-----------------0----------------------------|E---------------------------------3---3---------3-----3-----------------|Disregard directions sent from hell.
This is the little breakdown type part.
Okay, I am getting pretty damn sick of tabbing so I am going to tab out the solo and list rest of the lyrics under chords. You can get it.
Lyrics: Make me sanguine Help me genuinely Kill the doubt that strangles myself worth Paint the picture that I swore I heard Spiritless and mean Ghost that comes between I will keep my wits about myself Disregard directions sent from hell When it brings the gleam Longer lasting than me Oh my love but we are bound to die My heart is broke but you won't hear me cry Oh my love but we are bound to die My heart is broke but you won't see me ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. When I Drink Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 2 Tabbed By: Mickel_S Verse 1: C Am F G Am C When I drink, I say things I don't wanna say F G C C/B Am I do things i don't wanna do F G I talk mean to you. C Am F G Am C But if I think, I just might get something out of this F G C C/B Am My parents taught me to learn when i miss F G Just do your best. Am C Just do your best. Chorus: Em Dm It's the only way to keep that last bit of sanity Am G Maybe I don't have to be good but I can try to be F G at least a little better than I've been so far. Verse 2: C Am F G Am C But when I drink, I hear things that aren't really there F G C C/B Am I feel things when i shouldn't really care F G Have fist fights with the air. C Am F G Am C But if I think, about someone besides myself F G C C/B Am I lived through the silver and the bell F G With something to tell Am C Just do your best Chorus: Em Dm It's the only way to keep that last bit of sanity Am G Maybe I don't have to be good but I can try to be F G at least a little better than I've been so far. Verse 3: C Am F G Am C But when I drink, I spend the next morning in a haze F G C C/B Am But we only get so many days F G Now I have one less Am C Just do your best. Chorus: Em Dm It's the only way to keep that last bit of sanity Am G Maybe I don't have to be good but I can try to be F G at least a little better than I've been so far. F G C Oh, at least a little better than I've been so far. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Yard Sale Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 1 Tabbed By: Unregistered (thanks for your help!) C F I wonder if this blade ran through someone's side Dm FaddG The blood wiped away to hide F FaddG F FaddG F How evil you grandfather was 'fore he died C F C But war can make monsters out of us all Dm FaddG F I'm sure I'd become one if I was called C Dm G And then it would be my blade Fmaj7 C Here at this yard sale The guitar I am holding is way out of tune The neck it is warped and the saddle is through I wonder if sweet music ever was played From the hands of a boy to a girl in the shade From this rickety ghost of a song Here at this yardsale A dollar for anything here on this quilt A price tag for hands from which all things are built A blanket of voices speak pleasure in shame Flowers of plastic and fruit of the same A basket of nothing at all Here at this yardsale So if I had the money I'd buy everything And cover the whole lot with good gasoline And burn it for all that I care for the past And rid mother earth of what never should last And give her the present of ash Made of a yard sale ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Backwards With Time Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 1 Tabbed By: Jgerderloos & Macheeoo
Harmonica Riffe|--------3-1-0----------------3-1-0--------------------3-1-0----------3-1-0-|B|--1-3-1-------1-3-1----1-3-1-------1-3-1----1--3-1-3--------1--1-3-1------1|G|--------------------0--------------------0---------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
C F C G Folk always told me that my heart would grow C F C G The older the man yeah the stronger the stone Am G F C Am I losing my mind C G C Am I growing backwards with time C F C G Some say with age that our purpose comes clear C F C G I see the opposite happening here Am G F C Are we losing the fight C G C Are we growing backwards with time Am G F C I was young and love was fun C G C Now its so serious Am G F C Now all my fun has equal pain C G C Theres something wrong with this Am G F C For all I know theres more I donย’t C G C Oh the little I have learned Am G F C For every year of knowledge gained C G C Is a negative year ive earned C F C G Folk always told me that my heart would grow C F C G The older the man yeah the stronger the stone Am G F C Am I losing my mind ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. If It's The Beaches Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 5 Tabbed By: Unregistered & Macheeoo Intro: C Csus4 Am F C Csus4 C Csus4 C C Don't say it's over Am Cause that's the worst news I F C could hear I swear that I will Am Do my best to be here F C just the way you like it Am F Even though its hard to hide C F Push my feelings all aside C F I will rearrange my plans and C change for you C Csus4 Am F C Csus4 C Csus4 C Csus4 C C If I could go back Am F That's the first thing I would do C I swear that I would Am F Do my best to follow through C F Come up with a master plan C F A homerun hit, a winning stand C F A gaurantee and not a promise C F That I'll never let your love C slip from my hands
Solo/Chords -e|----------------------------------------------------------|B|------1-0-------------------------------------------------|G|-----0------0-4-2-0-----2-1~-------------------0h2-4-5-4~-|D|----2-----2---------3~-------------------0h2h3------------|A|-0----------------------------3-2-0-0h2h3-----------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------|
|-------------------------------------1~-| |------------------------------------1~--| |-0-2-4-5-4-2-4-2h4p2-4----4-2-1~---1~---| |-----------------------33~--------------| |----------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------|
Am G F Fm x2 C If it's the beaches Am F If it's the beaches' sands you want C Then you will have them Am F If it's the mountains' bending rivers C Then you will have them Am F If it's the wish to run away C Then I will grant it C F Take whatever you think of C F While I go gas up the truck C F Pack the old love letters up C We will read them when F C we forget why we left here ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6. Find My Love Tuning: EADGBE CAPO 1 Tabbed By: Macheeoo C G What makes it easy to treat people bad? Am C Some things you say and you can't take 'em back F C What makes it easy to run from the past, G like a child runs from the dark? C G Which is the poison and which is the wine? Am C The scent and the colors are so much alike F C And how much of each will it take to decide, G when your at the table alone? C C Where do you go when it's perfectly clear? Am C You might find your way but you won't find it here F C What makes it easy to sound so sincere, G when you know that you don't care? C Am F C Am F G C Am F Love gets lost C Am F G Love gets lost C Am Em Find my love C Am Em F G Find my love C G How can you tell when goodbye means goodbye Am C Not just for now, for the rest of you life F C How can you stand there with love in you eyes G And still be walking away C Am F Love gets lost C Am F G Love gets lost C Am Em Find my love C Am Em F G Find my love C Am Em Find my love C Am Em F G C Am Em Find my love
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