The Avett Brothers – Pretend Love chords

Left handed
			     PRETEND LOVE - The Avett Brothers
Tabbed by: Macheeoo

Tuning: Standard


A7add9 D D7Don't be fooled by my words
G GmDon't be fooled by my song
DIf you choose to belive them
A7 A7add9You'll plainly be wrong
D D7I have love for my family
G GmI have love for my friends
DThat's as far as it goes,
G DAnd I must let you know
A7 D My love for you was pretend.
D7 G GmPretend love, pretend love,
D G DDon't be mistaken, I've only been fakin'
A7 D D7Pretend love
Instrumental Break/Solo (Repeat Chorus Chords)
D D7Don't you know I've a gift
G GmAnd I've wraped it in truth
DYour birthday's tomorrow,
A7 A7add9But the gift is not for you,
D D7But if I came with a present
G GmI would bring you a clue
DHopes you'd finally see
G DThat your feelings for me
A7 D Will never be returned
D7 G GmPretend love, pretend love
D G DDon't be mistaken, I've only been fakin'
A7 D Pretend love
D7 G GmPretend love, pretend love
D G Don't be mistaken, I've only been faking
A7 D (Walk D C# B A) G Gm...Pretend love
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