The Avett Brothers – Laundry Room chords ver. 2

Capo on 4

This is an easy version without any riffs.  

G C GDon't push me out
C GJust a little longer
Am Stall your mother
C G C GDisregard your father's word
G C GClose the laundry door
C GTiptoe across the floor
AmKeep your clothes on
C G C GI got all that I can take
AmTeach me how to use
C G C GThe love that people say you made
G C GLast night I dreamt the whole night long
C GI woke up with a head full of songs
AmI spent the whole day
C G C GI wrote 'em down but it's a shame
AmTonight I'll burn the lyrics
C G C G'Cause every chorus was your name
G C GBreak this tired old routine
G C GAnd this time don't make me leave
G C GI am a breathing time machine
G C GI'll take you all for a ride
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