In The Curve tab with lyrics by The Avett Brothers - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Avett Brothers – In The Curve tab

The other version doesn't have the little riff that is played throughout this
song and it is also wrong.  There is no E minor in this song at all, just the
 1, 4, and 5 chords
(like so many great tunes.)

CAPO 3 to match The Avett's version.

Riff used throughout:  YOU PUT IT WHERE IT NEEDS TO BE

G D G G D G I've never taken this curve, driving this fast before G D G C G D G A glowing stop sign but both lanes are mine no seatbelts attached to my door. G D G G D G Well my Speed meter don't work, so I'm gonna guess 95. G D G C G D G Well maybe I'll fix it and maybe I won't it depends on my being alive. G D G G D G Well my bottle of bourbon is gone. Flew away all by itself. G D G C G D G So if ever you find it my photo behind it in memory of me on your shelf. G D G G D G Well my 63' Ford is a bull. She's 4000 pounds at least. G D G C G D But metal surrenders when oak trees meet fenders and engines go through G the front seat. G D G G D G Well I lost control in the curve, and a gas line broke in the wreck G D G C G D I walked from the ashes with just a few scratches my crucifix warm G on my neck. G D G G D G Well my good lord was with me tonight. Riding beside me tonight. G D G C G And now we're just talking we're hitch-hiking walking we'll see you in D G Concord tonight. G D G C And now we're just walking we're hitch-hiking talking we'll G D G C G see concord.......tonight. There you go. More accurate than the other one. Just put the riff thingy where it belongs. Jifigz
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