The Avett Brothers – Pretty Girl From Michigan chords

C EmCan you not see what you've done?
F GYou gave your heart away like that.
C EmI didn't want to fall in love,
F Gwith anyone but you, dear.
C EmI can still hear the song,
F Gthe melody behind the kiss,
C Emyou gave me, you were wrong,
F GI was right so I walked away,
C Emand left you there, alone,
F GI got so tired of talking on the
C Emtelephone,
F Ghow many times would we say the words, "Good bye?"
C EmI made mistakes, and one,
F Gwas telling you that I'd be there when
C Emtelling time (?) had come,
F GI should have said I didn't care.
C EmAll the time I would have saved,
F GIf I had been less willing
C Emto accommodate,
F Gyou'd been a little less likely to cry.
Am GYou go back to the high life,
Am Gand I'll go back to the low.
FI should have known,
GBut now I know.
C EmThere'll be no word from you,
F Gdescribing how it felt to go through
C Emwhat I put you through
F GIt all makes perfect sense
C Emthe way you cut the rope
F Gthat kept you dangling from such
C Empitiful amounts of hope,
F GI would have cut it, too.
RIFF I'm not much of a tab reader, I go by chords and embellish off of them. Hold the C chord down, then pluck the A string (third fret) twice, followed by the D (second fret) once, then the open G string, then G string, second fret (with your middle finger). Then do the same thing in reverse, adding an optional pull-of on the D string. End on C.
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