The Once And Future Carpenter chords ver. 2 with lyrics by The Avett Brothers - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

The Avett Brothers – The Once And Future Carpenter chords ver. 2

Song: The Once and Future Carpenter
Album: The Carpenter
Artist: The Avett Brothers
Tab Type: Guitar (Chords)


Followed by this chord progression: E B E B Verse 1:
E A F#m AI ain't fom Texas, but I made my way from Dallas
F#m B E - B - E - Band I know the lonesome sound is following
E A F#m AI ain't a gambler, but I can recognize a hand
F#m B E - B - Eand when to hold when queens are staring back at me
Transition riff: C#m G#m
E|-----|-------4---4-----|------4---4--||B|-----|-------5---5-----|------4---4--||G|-----|-------6---6-----|------4---4--||D|-----|-----6-----------|------6---6--||A|-7-6-|-4---------------|----6--------||E|-----|-------------7-6-|-4-----------|| x3
Followed by: E A B B Verse 2:
E A F#m AOnce I was a carpenter, and man my hands were calloused
F#m B EI could swing a metal mallet sure and straight
E A F#m ABut I took to the highway, a poet young and hungry
F#m B Eand I left the timbers rotting where they lay
A Am Forever I will move like the world that turns beneath me
E C#m Band when I move my direction I look up to the sky
A And when the black cloak drags upon the ground
Am E C#m BI'll be ready to surrender and remember we're all in this together
A AmIf I live the life I'm given
E - B - E - BI won't be scared to die
Verse 3:
E A F#m AI don't come from Detroit, but her diesel motors pulled me
F#m B Eand I followed till I finally lost my way
E A F#m ANow I spend my days in search of a woman we call purpose
F#m B Eand if I ever passed back through her town I'd stay
[Play Chorus here] Instead of playing E - B - E - B at the end of the chorus, play the transition riff. Verse 4:
E A F#m AMy life is but a coin pulled from an empty pocket
F#m B Edropped into a slot of dreams of sevens close behind
E A F#m AHope and fear go with it, and the moon and the sun go spinning
F#m B ELike the numbers and the fruits before our eyes
E E/F# E/G# A B ESome - times I hit, sometimes it robs me blind
E E/F# E/G# A B ESome - times I hit, sometimes it robs me blind
[Play Chorus here] End on E chord.
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