The Axis Of Awesome – How To Write A Love Song tab

-  How to Write a Love Song  -
-   by The Axis of Awesome   -
Intro-Tab by TKchaos


Capo @ 4th fret:
e|--------4-------|--------4-------|--------4-------|--------4-------4-| B|------4---------|------4---------|------4---------|------4-------4---| G|----5-----------|----5-----------|----5-----------|----5-------5-----| D|----------------|--4-------------|----------------|------------------| A|--8-------------|----------------|----------------|--6-------7-------| E|----------------|----------------|--6-------------|------------------|
This repeats for a while till the bridge starts. Have fun! Kind regards, TKchaos [Don't you dare to decline without a reason again, seriously pretty uncool. If you can't find the Song:]
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