The Band – Caledonia Mission chords

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Caledonia Mission chords
The Band 1968  (Robbie Robertson) from Big Pink

G7 G C

G CShe reads the leaves and she leads the life
G DThat she learned so well from the old wives
Em D C It's so strange to arrange it, you know I
Dwouldn't change it
Em D CBut hear me if you're near me, can I just
D rearrange it?
G7The watchman covers me
With his remedy
DI can't see and it's hard to feel
C GI think his magic might be real
G7 G C
G G7 CI can't get to you from your garden gate
G DYou know it's always locked by the magistrate
Em D CNow he don't care why you cry, he thinks it's
Djust a lie
Em D C DTo get out, I don't doubt that you'd make a try
G7If the good times get you through
I know the dogs won't bother you
DWe'll be gone in moonshine time
C GI've got a place they'll never find
G7 G C
G CYou know I do believe in your hexagram
G DBut can you tell me how they all knew the plan?
Em D C Did you trip or slip on their gifts you know were
Djust a con?
Em D C DYou knew it, why d'you do it, I've been hiding in
the dawn
G7Now I must be on my way
I guess you really have to stay Inside the mission walls
D C GDown in Modark, Arkansas
G7 G C Set8
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