The Barbs – Massive Crush tab

Guys out there this is my first tab. This is The Barbs' Massive Crush.
Hope you enjoy it. OK HERE GOES. For more information on this band. Go to

Tabbed by: Francis Flores/male/16/Philippines
Tuning: Standard

Intro 1:

Guitar 1

Intro 2
Guitar 1 and Guitar 2 *NH-------| |-------------------|| |--------------------||-------------------|| |--------------------||------------------*||3x |--------------------||------------------*|| |--------------------||---------------02--|| |--------------------||-0-0-0--3-3-3------|| |-0-0-0--30--3-3-3---|
Verses (do intro 1 riff 6x)
Fill 1(before chorus|----|----------||----|----------||----|--whole---||----|--rest----||-2--|----------||-0--|----------|
Chorus (do intro 1 riff) Fill 2
|------|------------||------|------------||------|------------||--2---|-2-2-2-2-2--||--2---|-2-2-2-2-2--||--0---|-0-0-0-0-0--|Guitar Solo
|-0000000000000000-10101010101010-10101010-1010--||-5555555555555555-8 8 8 8 8 8 8 -8 8 8 8 -8 8 --||------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------|
Legend: NH- Natural Harmonics * - Lightly touch the string to the middle (real center) of the 3rd fret. That's all I can give to you by British punk-indie rock band who came here in the Philippines by last week of November 2004. Their music is so unbelievable. I think it's not enough coz I seldom hear that song. Any corrections or comments, post it in the comments section of the site. I'm open for that because this is my first tab. Or maybe email me
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