The Bastard Fairies – Exoskeleton tab

This is my first time tabbing stuff out on this site, hopefully I can do this 
 Assuming I don't screw up putting them here they are 100% accurate.

-Kelia Rayne

D E -2- -0-| -3- -0-| -2- -1-| -0- -2-| -0- -2-| -2- -0-|
Intro/ Verse Riff:*finger picked, syncopated rhythm, same style for Verses 1, 2 & 3 | | | |e-----------------------------------------------------------------|b-----------------------------------------------------------------|g----6---6---6-------6---6---6-------6---6---6-------6---6---6----|d----7---7---7-------7---7---7-------7---7---7-------7---7---7----|a----7---7---7-------7---7---7-------7---7---7-------7---7---7----|E--5---5---5---0---5---5---5---0---5---5---5---0---5---5---5---0--| | | | |
Verse 1: I know that I can be your exoskeleton, I know that you're mean to me but I'll still be your friend. And in this hard exterior, there's nothing left but sin, but that's all right because I am an exoskeleton. Pre-Chorus: *strummed D E Yeah, it's okay yes it's okay D E (half measure rest) 'cause in a hundred years no one will care... no one cares... Intro Verse 2: Sometimes I don't mind when good people die, and sometimes I don't fret when my mother cries. I haven't seen an honest tear drop from honest eyes It's carelessness and arrogance and you're better than your lies. Pre-Chorus Chorus:
e--0-----------5-----------0----------------0--------------------0--------|b--0-----------5-----------0----------------0--------------------0--------|g--1-----------6-----------1----------------0--------------------7--------|d--2-----------7-----------2----------------4--------------------7--------|a--2-----------7-----------2----------------4--------------------5--------|E--0-----------5-----------0----------------2--------------------X--------| And we'll go over under, round and round, till your feet don't touch the
e-------X--X--X---------------0------------0-------------X----------X--X--|b-------X--X--X---------------0------------0-------------X----------X--X--|g-------6--4--6---------------1------------0-------------7----------6--4--|d-------6--4--7---------------2------------4-------------7----------6--4--|a-------4--2--7---------------2------------4-------------5----------4--2--|E-------X--X--5---------------0------------2-------------X----------X--X--| ground. What difference does it make if we go now, if we wait oh no.
Intro Riff Verse 3: And Inside my box of damaged goods there lies a heart-shaped hole, an entrail made of wood. And is it so wrong for me to feel so indifferent or do we all feel the same under superficial skin. Pre-Chorus Chorus Intro Riff Outro: *slow down till end on last bar and strum chord for close I know that I can be your exoskeleton I know that you're mean to me but I'll still be your friend. Email me with any questions or requests... I have a very boring life.
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