The Beautiful Girls - The Reason Is chords

This is such a chill beach song, I was really surprised no one had tabbed it 
out, so here we go :) Now all you need are some bongos bro ;) The bridge is 
interesting because although the chords repeat, they have different tones. 
You'll see that the chords go from C1 to C2 (which is just the C chord moved
 up two frets, and then C3 to C4 (which is the C power chord moved up two 
frets). This creates the different tone which you hear in the song, but if 
you want to be lazy about it, you could go C to G and repeat.

		      The Reason Is - The Beautiful Girls
Tuning: Down a step (two frets)

Verse/Chorus Bridge F Am G Em | C1 C2 C3 C4e|-X----0---3----0---|---0----0-----------------|B|-X----1---3----0---|---1----3-----------------|G|-2----2---0----0---|---0----0---5---7---------|D|-3----2---0----2---|---2----4---5---7---------|A|-3----0---2----2---|---3----5---3---5---------|E|-1----0---3----0---|---3----5---X---X---------|
F Am GHow long will this go on, on with me.
F Am Gthis pain and emptiness? Ohh, ohhh
F Am GI only want to see you smiling, i want to be
F Am Gfree from all of this. Oh Na na na na
F Am GAnother moment on from the freedom i
F Am Gdreamt so long about for you and i
Am G EmAnd i don't know why the reason is
Am G Fthat we are both here.
VERSE2: Same chords as verse1 Impending liberation for all but me, the space of emptiness. I'd waver a million times, be too under to see your preciousness. And our love will live on even when we die, I've dreamt so long about a place for you and i to live, to live and remember, this life. PRECHORUS:
Am G EmAnd i don't know why the reason is
Am G Fthat we are both here.
C C1 C2 C3 C4x2 C3Well sure now at least shall find it.
C C1 C2 C3 C4x2 C3Now i know the way i want to give it to you.
C C1 C2 C3 C4x2 C3And where-ever i go i want to take you there.
C1 C2 C3 C4x2 C3 At least we shall live. (repeat)
OUTRO: (same as prechorus)
Am G And i don't know why
Em the reason is
Am G Fthat we are both here.
Am GAnd time it passes by
Embut we
Am G FWe are not to fear.
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