The Beautiful Girls - Periscopes tab

			     Periscope - Beautiful Girls
Tabbed by: Annette

Tuning:EADGBe  You'll have to figure out the strumming by listening to the song.        /  slide up

We are doing this song in our band so i figured i will tab it for others in case its
not already on here. My favourite song at the moment, hope it helps! 100% accurate
there is a bass solo so if anyone knows it, post it coz it took us about 2 weeks to
try and bloody find it!

Chords that are used: Dm G F C Bb A# Ae|-4-----3-----1-----3-----1-----5------4----------------------------------|B|-5-----3-----1-----5-----3-----5------4----------------------------------|G|-6-----4-----2-----5-----3-----6------5----------------------------------|D|-6-----5-----3-----5-----3-----7------6----------------------------------|A|-4-----5-----3-----3-----1-----7------6----------------------------------|E|-4-----3-----1-----3-----1-----5------4----------------------------------|
Verse 1: Dm G Well i woke up last night couldnt tell if i was dreaming Dm G Thought i saw the face of an angel and i heard her speaking to me Dm G She said my boy dont fill up your head with trivial things Dm G Coz lifes too beautiful for you to leave Chorus: F C Just like periscopes up in the sky G Bb / C Well i have never seen a girl as beautiful as you in my whole life F C Things dont always go the way you planned them G Bb / C Coz if your rollen with the flow well then it makes it easier, makes it easier to bare. Dm G Dm G }x2 Verse 2: Dm G I give u kisses on your neck just like i always promised Dm G You came to me in my mind like pictures of an earthly goddess Dm G She said my boy dont fill up ya heart with nothin but love Dm (one strum) G Coz truth is truth to you is truth enough Bridge: Dm A# F A repeat 2x Song order... Verse 1 Chorus Verse 2 Chorus Bridge Bass solo thingy Chorus Bridge End on Dm Cheers, plz rate...
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