The Bella Cullen Project - Charlies Answering Machine tab

Another Shekiah Rosay tab. ;)

No capo, standard tuning.

Intro: Bm (held)

G         Cadd9      D
Charlieís at the funeral
Iím sorry; you have missed him
           G             D
Leave your number at the tone
    D                 Am
And heíll get back to you

G         Cadd9            D
ďBella, I know that youíre home
Itís Jacob
Please donít run away from me
  Cadd9         D
I will be there soon
G         Cadd9            D
Bella, donít do something rash
   D            G
If you do, will have to kick your-
...uh, I gotta goĒ


G     Cadd9       D
Bella I am coming over
       D                   G           Cadd9
I have seen something that you need to hear
G      Cadd9         D
Edward deeply misses you.
         D                 G       Cadd9
He might do something that you and he will both regret.


            Am         Em
Please give Bella this message for me.
Am          Em
I know that she is in a better place.
      Cadd9           G
No, I never wanted to hurt her
      Am                      Em
I was just trying to keep her safe.
Iím sorry things ended up this way.

[chorus; finish with Em)
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