The Black Angels – Haunting At 1300 Mckinley tab ver. 2

i noticed the tab on here was not completed/not totally right
here's pretty much the full song, minus the little fill towards the end of the song
this is my first tab, i know its 100% correct but it's a bit sloppy
standard tuning

Pattern A-----x-x-x-x-|-----x-x-x-x-|-----6-6-6-6-|-----7-7-7-7-|-----7-7-7-7-|3345-5-5-5-5-|
Pattern B-----x-x-x-x--|-----7-7-7-7--|-----7-7-7-7--|-----7-7-7-7--|3345-5-5-5-5--|--------------|
Pattern C-----x-x-x-x--|-----9-9-9-9--|-----9-9-9-9--|-----9-9-9-9--|5567-7-7-7-7--|--------------|
The order of the song is: Pattern A for a few times for the intro then the rest of the song is A (x2) B (x2) A (x2) C B A (x2) Really simple, play the chords with an upstroke to get the same sound too
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