The Black Box Revelation - I Think I Like You tab

The Blackbox Revelation - I think I Like You

De toekomst van de belgische rock met hun grote (alternatieve) doorbraak!

Door Tim Wauters

the G5* in chorus refers to a G5 chord with the special "stopping" sound, listen to the 
and you'll understand

Main Riff / Intro

Riff 2 / Strofe A5 G5 Did you ever see a light inside your mind C5 A5 did you ever stop to look while it makes you blind A5 G5 I should feel the love from the skin to my bones A5 A5 It's a feeling that's making me high! Riff 3 / Refrein A5 C5 There's something and it makes me smile G5* A5 I think I like you A5 C5 there's something burning in my mind, yeah G5* A5 I think I like you Bridge A Muted Riff C G A Outro
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