The Black Mages – Battle Scene Ii tab

This tab only contains the song from 00:15-01:53

There are only 2 guitar parts during this time: one is just chords (very easy) the other 
the main melody heard during this time.

00:15-00:44e-x-x--x--|B-x-x--3--|G-x-x--2--| Those are the only chords in the intro. You'll hear them.D-2-2--0--|A-2-2--0--|E-0-0--x--|
I don't have the little whammy bar lead line that's done at :22-:24 right now.
00:44-01:08 and repeat this riff again at 01:28-01:52e------------------------------------8--7-----10-9--8~~~~|B----------------------------8-7----------7-8------------|G--------------------7-6---------8-9---------------------|D----------9-8-----------8-9-----------------------------|A-----7-10-----10-7--------------------------------------|E-7-8----------------------------------------------------|
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