The Blackout – Higher And Higher chords

The Blackout
Higher And Higher
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Key: Bb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Gm - 355333
F -  133211
Eb - x68886
Bb - x13331
Cm - x35543

Intro: x3

Verse 1:
Gm CmYou're dead and buried by February
Eb FI don't even know your name
Gm CmNot about caring, where we're heading
Eb FTake you home and take the blame
F Gm F Gm That's it you said
Bb Eb Bb Eb I just mislead
F Gm F Gm Her dress deep red
Bb Eb Bb Eb Get her to bed
Gm F Gm F We're taking it tonight
Bb Eb Bb Eb You got me burning like fire
Gm F Gm F Bb Eb No faking it we'll come alive
Bb EbWe'll take it higher and higher
Post Chorus: Gm--Eb-Cm- Verse 2:
Gm CmWe can never be together
EbYou want boys who
Fare all the same
GmDon't start swearing
Cmcause you're heart's tearing
Eb FYou know that love is just a game
(Repeat Refrain) (Repeat Chorus) Interlude: Gm-- x3 Yeah! Bridge: Rap, Do Gm--Cm-- repeatedly Kinda hung over Just woke up from blacking out Next to my shoulder she's snoring all passed out Sliding out the covers trying to find a way to sneak out Freak out ever since we started fucking my private part has become public But fuck it i'm addicted to the chicks I don't think my playing days ever gonna be over with every friday i'm in love with a new bitch I think i need to find a cure where's robert smith (Repeat Chorus) Outro:
F Gm F Gm Higher and higher
Bb EbHigher and higher
Bb EbHigher and higher
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