The Blackout - Wild Nights And Fist Fights tab

Tuning = Drop Db

I have only tabbed the main riffs in this song .. I havent worked out the rest yet..

Intro Riff

eb|------------------------|Bb|----15------------------|Gb|------14h15r14-12s14h15-|Db|--12--------------------| I dont think its 100%Ab|------------------------| accurate but its closeDb|------------------------|
eb|-------------|Bb|----15-------|Gb|------14-----| Repeat a couple of times then abck to main riffDb|--12----13---| Ab|-------------| Db|-------------|
After that ^ these notes are used [work out timing yourself]
Cool riff bit
eb|---------------------|Bb|---------------------|Gb|---7-8-10-8-7hr8-----|Db|---------------------| Ab|---------------------| Db|---------------------|
The tapping riff befopre the clean bit..
eb|------------------------|Bb|----T---T---T----T------|Gb|--3-7-3-8-3-10-3-8------| [repeat a few times]Db|------------------------| Ab|------------------------| Db|------------------------|
finally the last bit i worked out, the clean bit .. goes something like this
eb|--------------------|Bb|----6---8---6-------|Gb|--5---5---5---5-----| thats the basic riff, theres someDb|--------------------| variations init i couldnt work out..Ab|--------------------| Db|--------------------|
Anyways work out the rest and you can edit this and send it back up!! l8rzz
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