The Blood Arm - Dolores Delivers A Glorious Death tab

hree are the chords for the final song on Lie Lover Lie. TBA RULE!

Dolores Delivers A Glorious death-TBA

intro- E, A, E, A, C#m, A, E, A

when band comes in it is the chorus
Chorus- B, E, A x3 B, E 
then the band stops. "what happens next"

verse- E, Esus4, E, A, Asus6, A x4
repeat chorus

bridge- E, Esus4, E, Esus4, A, Asus6, A x4
C#m, A7, C#m, B

Believe me-E
Believe me-E
Believe me-E
Believe me-E

solo- E, C#m, E, B x3

when band stops it goes...
E, C#m, E, B

repeat chorus- E, C#m, E, B

End On E

song ends with drums, but shord finishes on E

tabebd by ange stella
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