The Boxer Rebellion - These Walls Are Thin tab

These Walls are Thin: by The Boxer Rebellion

album: Union

Tuning: Standard

This is not the complete part
i'm not giving the chords this is the lead non-chord part

Verse: play this till 0:30----------------------------------|----------------------------------|---5---5----543----5---5----------|-3---3---3-------3---3---3--5-55--|----------------------------------|----------------------------------|
0:30 = bridge
bridge: x1--------------------------|--------------------------|------5----5----5---------|---3----3----3----3-------|--------------------------|--------------------------|
pre-chorus: x1 treble picked-----------------------|-----------------------|--3----5-------3-------|---------3-------------|-----------------------|-----------------------|
bridge x1
chorus: treble picked--------------------------|--------------------------|-5--------6-8---3--5------| play till 1:07--------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|
verse: till 1:30 1:30 = bridge bridge: x1 pre-chorus x1 bridge x1 chorus till 2:08 outro is verse played twice
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