The Boxer Rebellion – Semi Automatic tab ver. 2

Today is the day when I finally decided to not be selfish and share the Semi-automatic tabs.
I have searched for it on the internet but with no result so I made one.
Maybe they 're only u can find. Sooo here u are and enjoy..Im pretty sure thats the way 
guys from TBR play it..
Maybe the middle possition tones are
not correct but it sounds pretty similarly to me..

That the main riff..Nathan plays rythm with the same chords.C |--------0-------------0---------------------|G |------6---6-------------1---1-------3-------|D#|--------------7-----2-----2-------4---4---4-|A#|----7-------7-----3-------------5-------5---|F |--5-------------3-------------5-------------|C |--------------------------------------------| repeat I dont how many times:)
Solo: really easy and cool sounding with a dealey and heavy reverb..|-----------------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------||--14-14-14-14-14-14-14-14\12--12-12-12-12\16--16-16-16-16-16\17--17-17-||-----------------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------------|same thing with the solo, repeat by listening to the track
And dont forget the tabs were made for u by tomando1..greetings from Slovakia (not but in fact it doesnt matter:) questions at
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