The Boys Of Summer - Longer Than Summer chords

The Boys of Summer - Longer Than Summer

Key: BStandard Tuning: EADGBe
Tabbed by: SilverCapo B F# G#m E
(verse 1)
B G#m ETrue love lasts long, longer then summer
B G#m ECause my heart beats black, cause I know its over
F# G#mMy own mother she tells me
E'Good things come to those who will wait for them'
F# G#mMy friends they tell me
E'not to walk away when I do'
B E G#mSo back down love, this is downtown now
EAnd this is the way that I roll
B E G#m EWith my hands out in front of yours, my heartís exposed
G#m E B E G#mAnd my pulse is racing faster then you could ever know
F# B EAnd with my heart exposed, I am on my way down
(verse 2)
B G#m ETrue love lasts longer then I ever do
B G#m ECause your hands are tied cause Iím never sober
F# G#mMy own father he tells me
E'not to trust people like I do'
F# G#mMy friends they tell me
E'not to walk away like I do'
E F# G#mIíve lost all my faith, and all of my deepest beliefs
E F# G#m F#And its so hard to find any truth in any of your lies
E F# G#mAnd I lost all that, I once ever had
But I found something, that I never did
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