The Bravery – Open Heart Surgery tab

Title: Open Heart Sugery
Band: The Brain Jonestown Massacre
Album: Bravery, Repetion And Noise

e|--------------------------------|B|--------------------------------|G|--------------------------------|D|-7-7-x-x-5-5--5-5-x-x-7-7-------|A|-7-7-x-x-3-3--5-5-x-x-5-5-------| E|-5-5-x-x-3-3--3-3-x-x-5-5-------|
Or you can use these chords A C G D in that order but i pefer the other way sounds so much better. This is the lead guitar
e|-----------------------------|B|-----------------------------|G|-----------------------------|D|-----------------------------|A|-----7-5---------------------| E|-5---------8-5---7-3--3h5-5--|
There's the whole song i'm pretty sure its 100% hope you enjoy. Tabbed by Jesse James Thompson
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